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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crystal Wedding Garter

Life has a way of just getting away from us... it happens to everyone.  We have full intentions of doing something but then time goes on and life happens.   Well this is the case many the time with my clients.   Many of them are excited to get their wedding garters and say how they will send in pix of their special day but most of them do not.   Last week I received some photos.  I will share them with you once I get back from helping my father.   In the mean time, I really wanted to share some photos of the actual garter I created.   (also you can see what Tamara thought of her wedding garter at this testimonal.
I LOVE how this Swarovski Crystal Wedding Garter came out.   Very romantic and a bit old fashion looking. 

to have a special wedding garter created in the same shape using colors that match your wedding would be my pleasure to do for you.   With all the upgrades included in this garter, it will cost $200.00

Beautiful Swarovski Crystals dangling with hearts and one special engraved heart which can be special ordered at your request. 

If you are One of Victoria Joanne's wonderful Clients - Please send in some of YOUR Wedding pix to be shown off here!! Don't forget to include a "Bride with her Garter" Photo as well.

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